Position: Call Center Supervisor

Position summary: The Call Center (Appointments) Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of operations in the Appointments/Call Center. The supervisor provides general oversight to assure that calls to the practice are responded to in an efficient and effective manner and that patients are provided appointments with the appropriate clinicians in a timely manner based on established protocols. The supervisor also acts as the primary communication link between the appointments staff, functions and management.


  1. Provide management functions in the call center with agents.
  2. Ensure that the proper call processing protocols are followed.
  3. Develop call processing protocols in accordance with guidelines established by the physicians and management.
  4. Ensure that staff are properly trained to call center protocols, providing patients with prompt appointments to see assigned physicians or other clinicians, to address the patient’s clinical concerns.
  5. Assure that the quality of call center services is maintained, promoting the practice’s image, service and integrity.
  6. Monitor phone queue to assure agent resources are available to answer and meeting phone demands in an efficient and effective manner.
  7. Provide training and proper on-boarding/orientation for new staff on call center protocols, assuring that all new call center staff are properly trained before being allowed to schedule patient visit requests.
  8. Assisting call center staff in scheduling patients where assistance is needed given patient’s request, physician’s schedule and/or when appointment openings are limited.
  9. Addressing patient complaints.
  10. Coaching and motivating staff to perform at their best ability.
  11. Attend management meetings to review call center performance or practice policies.
  12. Provide communications to others regarding call center operations.
  13. Review and participate in the performance of staff.
  14. Provide front line problems solving for situations brought up by call center staff in meeting patient scheduling needs and the physician’s schedule.
  15. Provide regular training and communication to staff on practice requests, requirements and feedback regarding call center performance.
  16. Monitoring customer servicing in the call center and provide feedback to staff regarding patient and customer satisfaction.
  17. Participate in answering patient calls and scheduling appointments.
  18. Communicate equipment performance issues or needs to immediate supervisor or IT call center.
  19. Participate in the recruitment process, for call center staff.
  20. Participate in the budgetary process for the call center.
  21. Perform all other duties, as assigned.

Qualifications: The Supervisor of the Call Center should have the following:

Education – Minimum: Associates Degree in Business Management or Health Science. Bachelors degree preferred. Demonstrated continuing education in subjects with communication, handling the difficult patient, customer service and employee relations.

Experience – Minimum: 3-5 years’ experience with managing a call center operations (centralized and decentralized).

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