Position Overview: The position will be the primary staff member who monitors DME and Linen inventory levels and provides input to the manager on DME and Linen needs. Working under the Cast Room Manager, this position assists each office location’s Cast room staff in maintaining an adequate supply of DME inventory and linen products. The position will be primarily assigned to the 1367 office in Albany. However, the position will be required to take needed DME and/or linen inventory to other CROA offices that may be in need of specific inventory supplies or items.


  • Assists the Cast Room Manager in assuring there is an adequate inventory (not an oversupply) of DME products at all office locations. Position may be required to order needed DME supplies, under the Cast Room Manager’s supervision.
  • Monitor that an accurate inventory of DME items and linen supplies are available and order more or re-allocate supplies, if needed.
  • Maintain the record keeping of inventory for DME and Linen supplies.
  • Provides a validation of the linen items delivered to the 1367 office for all internal locations.
  • Assist the manager in distribution of Linen products at 1367 Washington Avenue.
  • Work with the managers in assuring that all clinical areas at 1367, are properly stocked with needed linen supplies and not over-stocked.
  • Works with the Cast Room Manager in developing inventory par levels, based on historical usage patterns at all office locations.
  • Checks inventory (DME and Linen) levels throughout the week, stocks inventory as needed and is pro-active in identifying needs before the inventory buffer stock is reached.
  • Works with the DME vendors in items ordered, being evaluated or returned.
  • Assists the manager in the daily reconciliation of DME items distributed, to assure that the DME items has been charged to the appropriate patient(s).
  • Assists the Cast Techs in assuring that the appropriate paperwork is readied for patient signature.
  • Works with the Cast Room Manager is developing processes, policies and procedures for developing a compliant, cost responsible DME and Linen inventory management program/inventory levels.
  • Interfaces with any and all inventory management programs to assure DME and Linen inventory requirements.
  • Performs all other duties as required.

Education:          Graduate - high school education, with some college classes in math/statistics.

Experience:        Previous experience working in an environment where the primary duties were related to inventory management.

Specific Job Skills:           At least 70% of the job requires standing and moving/handling inventory; stocking and relocating inventory.  The position requires that the employee is organized, maintain reports/records and can assist with reconciling inventory counts of DME and linen (math/statistics).

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