Under the direct supervision of the OR Team Leader, the Surgical Technologist scrubs for surgical procedures and demonstrates competence while functioning as a member of the surgical team. The Surgical Technologist will prepare and maintains supplies, instruments, and equipment related to these procedures. They will support the philosophy, objectives, and goals of the surgery center, as well as supports and participates in quality improvement activities. The Surgical Technologist will report to the OR team leader and Director of Nursing/Director of Clinical Operations.

Responsibilites include:

  • Assembles supplies for surgical procedure and helps prepare the room for successive cases
  • Sterilizes extra instruments as needed
  • Reviews surgical procedure with the circulating nurse
  • Maintains sterility, safety, and efficiency of the operating area
  • Opens supplies using aseptic technique
  • Prepares mayo stand and instrument table in neat, efficient manner
  • Maintains sponge, needle, and instrument counts and reports final count to surgeon
  • Assists with gowning, gloving of surgical team and draping of operative site
  • Anticipates needs of surgeon; keeps operative field neat, clean, and dry
  • Observes operative team for breaks in sterile technique
  • Cares for tissue specimens and cultures
  • Assists in application of proper dressings and cleanses operative area
  • Assists with room turnover; picks up and cares for soiled linen instruments, and garbage and places in utility room. Treats suction canisters appropriately prior to disposing
  • Assists in preparing for the next day, checking supplies, and picking cases for next day's surgeries
  • Maintains adequate stock levels
  • Practices infection control techniques
  • Maintains patient confidentiality
  • Attends all mandatory in-service and department meetings
  • Responds to emergency codes and other emergency situations
  • Cleans and decontaminates patient use items by taking apart instruments, rinsing, and soaking instruments and using washer decontaminator
  • Assembles packages and/or terminally sterilize patient use items
  • Keeps required records such as biological testing and autoclave cards
  • Performs required environmental and/or equipment maintenance procedures
  • Demonstrates willingness to learn and accept changes
  • Assists with data collection for Quality Assurance studies
  • Performs other duties as assigned


  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • Completion of an appropriate technician program or previous technician experience of at least two years. Certification preferred. 
  • CPR certification within probationary period
  • Reads, writes, speaks, and comprehends the English language
  • Intermittent physical mobility/activity including walking, standing, sitting, light lifting, pulling or pushing of carts, equipment, etc. Must be able to bend body downward at the waist and be able to kneel
  • Must have visual acuity at least 20 inches or less
  • Must be able to identify and distinguish colors
  • Must have ability to manipulate small objects quickly and accurately
  • Must have ability to work with hands in turning and placing objects in space
  • Must be able to perceive objects accurately as to size, temperature, and texture
  • Must have auditory acuity
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time
  • Mental and physical health sufficient to meet the demands of the position
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