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Average Rating: 4.95
“"I was born with no hip socket on the right side. When I was 8, a doctor moved some bone to create a hip socket, but the joint basically became fused. The pelvis was tipped, which was affecting the spine, pinching nerves, and causing pain throughout the body. There was no motion in the right hip. This limited employment opportunities, and I developed quite a negative self image from the whole affair. Dr. Fuchs was the only doctor in nearly 5 decades that would even consider my case. Now, 6 years after the bi-lateral hip replacement, I am free from bone pain and am able to walk much better and further than before. My spine is straighter and my self image is much better. Even 6 years after the surgery, I need to concentrate on walking properly after 45 years of getting around with a leg that was partially immobilized. Each of my visits to The Bone & Joint Center have been pleasant. The staff has been friendly and efficient, and of course, I can't thank Dr. Fuchs enough for tackling a challenging situation and having such great success." - Roger H.”
– Roger
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“"Everything was fine. No complaints at all." - Joan M.”
– Joan
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“"Dr. Whipple was very thorough in the exam and explained the results of the x-ray. My wife was a patient of his for 6 years due to a broken wrist and then RSD, which turned into a workers comp case. He is a very caring doctor and a great advocate for his patients." - Harold F.”
– Harold
“"Dr. Mulligan has been a life saver keeping the bone-on-bone arthritis in my thumbs and wrist under control. I am nearing the stage where injections will no longer keep things comfortable, and I will be using Dr. Mulligan to do the necessary surgery to make a more permanent fix to the problem. I have complete trust in his care and concern for my needs. Thanks for all your help, Dr. Mulligan!" - Larry”
– Larry
“"Just shots for arthritic knee (knees). He is very good." - Joan P.”
– Joan
“"I am presently two weeks out from my second total knee replacement. Dr. Hospodar repaired my rotator cuff tear in 2009 and did a total knee replacement on my right knee in October 2015.  Both previous surgeries produced results that exceeded my expectations, and I am looking forward to similar results this time. I have found Dr. Hospodar to be thorough, conscientious, and patient while helping me with my understanding the procedure, both during pre-operation, as well as follow-up with post-op.  I would also commend the support staff and administrative staff at the practice: each visit I have made has been handled efficiently and professionally. I've never felt like a number, but always appreciated the personal concern expressed by each person I interacted with." - Tim M.”
– Tim
“"Very pleasant and friendly office environment. Dr. Hedderman was very thorough and kind and diagnosed my broken sternum quickly and with the least amount of radiation." - Diane B.”
– Diane
“"My nurse, Marley, was extremely nice and knowledgeable, which put me at ease from the start. The anesthesiologist had a dry sense of humor, which again, was a great way to forget that you where there for an operation—I apologize for not remembering his name. Dr. Das is an amazing surgeon!!" - Elaine R.”
– Elaine
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“"Dr. Cheney, Dr. Alfred, and Dr. Fuchs were all absolutely outstanding." - Thais F.”
– Thais
“"I was in a lot of pain, and I couldn't even move my thumb on my left hand without screaming out in pain. I can't say enough about the professionalism of the staff and Dr. Hedderman. They were extremely busy, but were more than happy to help me and answer all my questions. Thank you for taking such great care of me!!!" - Tracie K.”
– Tracie


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