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Average Rating: 4.7
“My 'provider' was Wonderful. I appreciated his real life approach at my problem- and offered to help!! I received the Ortho-vise injections which have helped me at this point, although I know he said 6 weeks post my last. Glad I had them, I hope they continue to help. Plus my doctor has the Most stylish socks!!!”
– Heather F.
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“Dr. Quinn is a good doctor. Very patient and understanding.”
– Tim W.
“Dr. Zaneros has been healing me with terrible shoulder pain ever since he started with your practice. When my right shoulder muscles (Or whatever) no longer would allow me to lift my arm more than a few inches from my body, I had reverse shoulder replacement surgery. It went very well and my P.T. is going well. I expect to recover much more use of this arm. Dr. Zaneros is very personable and fun to work with. DR. GARED ROBERTS replaced both my knees in 2013 and 2014. He too has been great to have as a doctor. I have sent many friends to him from my town of Northville in the southern Adirondacks. everyone has thanked me for the recommendation.”
– Marilyn S.
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“Very impressed by Dr Caldwell. I had a shoulder issue that he quickly resolved. He was direct, didn't waste my time, knew what he was doing and I trusted him with my care. Overall it was a great experience.”
– Brian C.
“My experience with Dr. Caldwell was really great. He quickly diagnosed my problem and set a treatment path that was 100% correct. I am very pleased at my outcome and I strongly recommend him to everyone. Thank you!”
– Rebecca H.
“I was in a car accident that fractured my talus. After the first operation, I had a lot of pain in the ankle. Dr. DiPreta worked with me for a few years to figure out how to fix the pain. After numerous cortisone injections that didn't last long, I opted for fusion. My ankle was fused right at the Bone & Joint Center in an operation. The fusion was very successful, and has helped a ton with strength, mobility, and pain. He has been great throughout the entire time I've been seeing him. I'm very pleased with the level of care.”
– Bethany C.
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“I first saw Dr. Flaherty before going to Dr. Shatynski. After several phone calls and misinformation I finally was directed to Shatynski. Upon entering his office I was most upset and had planned on telling him I would not have him treat me and fine another group. He had a long conversation about how the errors came about and explained how he would treat my rotator cuff and why. I lost my anger and fear and liked his approach. I felt very sure I wanted him to treat me. Believe me this took a lot on his part. I appreciated his concern and time with me. I am pleased with my treatment and should I need to see anyone again it will have to be Dr. Shatynski. Thank you Dr.”
– Mary G.
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“Dr. Czajka listens well and his diagnoses seem to be accurate. I have seen Dr. Czajka for about 20 years off and on and consider him to be the best in his field. Every encounter I have had with Support staff who work with Dr. Czajka on a daily basis have, without exception, sung his praises; they say they love to work with him.”
– Gail B.
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“Dr. Morse is very caring and takes time to listen & figure out what the problem is. I had surgery February 6th and I am recovering well. Thank you Dr. Morse--you fixed me so I can get back to my life!!!”
– Tracie K.
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“Dr Roberts explained everything to us while understanding my fear of surgery. The staff at his office and the hospital were wonderful and always got back to me in a very timely manner. I have recommended the practice to several people I know and will be back to have my other knee replaced by Dr Roberts.”
– Paula R.


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