Bone Health Clinic

By assessing and developing preventative care plans, patients can live longer, healthier lives by treating conditions before they become serious medical issues. Our board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Cory Czajka, understands that healthy bones are the foundation for your daily movement. At our Bone Health Clinic, located in Albany, we help you maintain that foundation while providing exceptional care.

Affecting millions of Americans, osteoporosis and low bone density are conditions that can stay under the radar until you experience a fracture. By maintaining healthy bones early in life, you can avoid developing osteoporosis in adulthood.

Your Source for Clinically Proven Bone Health

Own the Bone logoThe Bone & Joint Center has been recognized by the American Orthopaedic Association’s Own the Bone® program as a star performing practice. The Own the Bone program uses clinically proven prevention measures to help address osteoporosis-related fragility fractures.

To serve you, the Bone Health Clinic:

  • Identifies, screens, tests, and evaluates patients at risk
  • Educates you on how to maintain healthy bones
  • Provides resources, including medications, that help you manage bone health issues
  • Coordinates access to physicians and physical therapists
  • Works closely with your full care team
  • Provides fall prevention education
  • Guides you through healthy lifestyle changes, like stopping tobacco usage and limiting excessive alcohol intake
  • Offers nutrition counseling, including calcium and vitamin D supplementation
  • Offers a visit with a doctor to discuss test results and your care plan

Who do I see during a bone health visit?

Our bone health clinic and osteoporosis expert, Dr. Cory Czajka, has an interest in and experience in treating bone health issues. Dr. Czajka is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in the management of patients with multiple injuries. He has an emphasis on surgical treatment of complex acute musculoskeletal injuries and the management of problem fractures.

Dr. Cory Czajka works with you to evaluate your bone health and develop a treatment plan to meet your needs; he then shares your bone health evaluation with your primary care provider. This helps your provider understand your unique needs and individualize your care.

To schedule a consultation at our Bone Health Clinic, available in Albany, please request an appointment online or call (518) 489-2666.