In order to continue to improve the patient experience and as part of our commitment to providing an uninterrupted continuum of care, our doctors at The Bone & Joint Center utilize the mymobility app. Your surgeon may ask you to participate based on the specific surgery you are having.


With mymobility, you have access to all of your surgery needs, including how to plan for and recover from your surgery. This information includes:

  • Education at your fingertips
  • Timely reminders and to-do lists
  • Your care plan, including your progress, activity level, and follow-up data
  • Easy communication with your surgeon and care team

It’s important to have access to reminders and your surgery process in a timely manner. When communicating with your care team, you get assistance in many ways, including:

  • Education on your condition and how to prepare for surgery
  • Understanding post-surgery recovery and how to minimize risk of complication 
  • Guidance tips for your recovery journey

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