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Average Rating: 5
“This doctor and staff are amazing.”
– Zenon T.
“Dr. Roberts was very attentive and professional. He provided excellent care, and I feel that his suggestions will help me get better quickly. The very first time I can remember going to a surgeon and not have him recommend surgery! I’m happy with the care I received!”
– Mary K.
“Dr. Schneider provided a most excellent experience. He was incredibly understanding of my wishes to get my left knee with a severely torn meniscus and get back to my usual hobbies and activities of working in the woodshop wherein live making toys for children and all sorts of items for other residents of the community I live. At 79 years old, it is essential for me to remain both mentally & physically active as the relationship between these is very important as I continue to age. They are the backbone of my having a most healthy as possible life as I continue to age. He explained my treatment to the fullest extent and in terms that made it so easy to comprehend all aspects of the procedure and all that follows as I get back to the person as was. Seven stars at least!”
– Alice P.
“Overall very happy with the doctor and staff.”
– Kent G.
“The entire visit was great. Checked in quickly, wait time was maybe one minute before I got called in, Dr. Morse came right in, addressed the issue(s) thoroughly, we had a plan, and I was out the door. It could not have gone any better.”
– James M.
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“Dr. Toussaint is very detail oriented. He explained everything thoroughly and guided me on how to take care of my injury.”
– Barbara J.
“Does it get any better than Dr. Whipple?! He operated on me previously, and I never forgot how incredible he was. So happy he did not retire when I was recently injured. Very happy to have had this experience. Knowledge, kindness, compassion, and enthusiasm for his profession. All I can say is, wow!”
– Nora S.
“My visit was great from the time I walked in the door till I left. Everyone professional and prompt. Dr. Fuchs was excellent and made it easy. Very reassuring and I will highly recommend him.”
– Torry D.
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“My first exam for arthritis in the hand and carpal tunnel and Dr. Whipple is knowledgeable, professional, excellent patient care and potential treatment explanation.”
– Ronald D.
“Dr. Zanaros explained everything to me so that I could understand it, and he was patient and polite to me. I was delighted with this experience.”
– Marie W.
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