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Average Rating: 4.85
“Very, very impressed. Now I know firsthand why a previous patient so highly recommended him. I arrived approximately 30 minutes ahead of my appointment as they recommended to fill out forms as they suggested and in no time was called for my interview, ahead of my office. No, BS. Very straightforward and clearly explained the cause of my pain in layman's terms that I could understand and treat the cause with PT. One of the best experiences I've ever had at a doctor's office.”
– Mark P.
Treated by:
“Very friendly, professional. Offered easily understood options.”
– Joan S.
“Very professional and thorough.”
– Sally H.
“Very knowledgeable and helpful, encouraged to ask question and concerns about upcoming procedures. Highly recommend to others, provider very reassuring and makes patients comfortable about future procedures.”
– Nicholas S.
“Very helpful and answered all my questions.”
– Matthew B.
“Attentive, not dismissive and proactive appointment with Dr. Das. Always very impressed with him and how well he breaks down in layman’s terms what is wrong and how to go about fixing it.”
– Alison M.
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“Professional, experienced, extremely versed in his field. The excellent manner and on time!”
– Kevin O.
“Charming, funny and caring doctor.”
– Karen B.
Treated by:
“Very pleasant, informative, and professional. Described thoroughly what my procedure would entail, aftercare and follow up. I felt confident when I left and had no questions unanswered. Very positive experience.”
– Cheryl C.
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“I enjoyed him very much. He is polite to the point and honest, and that is what I like about my doctors. I would recommend him highly.”
– Brian A.


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