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Average Rating: 5
“Dr. Roberts did a great job on my hip replacement; I walked out of day surgery with no issues. I was careless two days after the hip replacement and fell and broke the femur just below the hip replacement. Dr. Roberts was on the phone with me 2 or 3 times that morning, he was out of town and still stayed in contact with me. He came in on a Sunday morning and fixed my leg so that I could get back home and start healing again. I have to say never once did Dr. Roberts ever make me feel like the dummy I was to do this to myself! All he ever said was take it easy you have a longer recovery, and I’ll see you in three weeks. I caused a lot of work for Dr. Roberts, but to him, it was just another day at the office! I have had two operations with Dr. Roberts and two services with Dr. Zanaros all with The Bone & Joint Center, a total class act, I would never consider going anywhere else!”
– Tony F.
“Dr. Whipple is always genuinely compassionate and re-assuring as it relates to the best options/outcome. My overall opinion he is the very best doctor I could have, hands down!”
– Donna R.
“Charming man. Took a conservative approach which I appreciate.”
– Rebecca F.
“Dr. Whipple took the time to communicate my trigger finger condition and describe remedy options. Cee Cee and his staff were also very helpful, caring and professional.”
– Mary M.
“My family is always grateful that Dr.Whipple is our doctor.”
– Jeff M.
“Dr. Whipple's love for what he does shows in the respectful way he educates and the compassionate way in which he treats his clients.”
– Beth J.
“An explained process to get followed. Listened to all my concerns.”
– William F.
“Very happy with Dr. Shatynski! He’s thorough and easy to understand and personable.”
– Sherri G.
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“Dr. DiCaprio was through in all the procedures that have to get done.”
– John D.
“Dr. DiCaprio was prompt and listened to my concerns during the consult. He was thorough and transparent on my choices.”
– Paula P.


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