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Average Rating: 5
“My visit was with the PA. He was extremely thorough and knowledgeable, very personable, and well informed. He didn’t make me feel rushed in any fashion. Great experience!”
– Lori S.
“Dr. DiCaprio showed me my x-ray where arthritis is likely causing my knee pain, and he administered a cortisone shot. I am feeling much better. I am also pleased with the quick appointment.”
– Arlene B.
“It was a great experience! I am thrilled. Surgery is scheduled. It was that easy. Oh yeah, the receptionist, nurses, and everyone else including Dr. Whipple or should I say especially Dr. Whipple are fantastic!”
– Colleen F.
“Dr. Mulligan and his staff are compassionate, professional and extremely kind individuals. Dr. Mulligan has operated on my hand and elbow, and these operations have improved my motor function and decreased my discomfort tremendously. There is no one better on the planet for treatment of the upper extremities than Dr. Mulligan.”
– Mary C.
“I had gout and saw Dr. Lozman at the urgent care. I was able to leave for London the next day.”
– Alan R.
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“Dr. Mulligan and staff have been great. Dr. Mulligan has been fabulous at telling me what to expect, what was needed, and my rehab care. His surgical procedure was outstanding. I recommend to anyone with a hand/wrist injury to make an appointment with Dr. Mulligan!”
– Jim W.
“Dr. Mulligan provided an extensive set of arm movements for me to pinpoint the nature of my pain. The medication provided did the trick in a matter of hours.”
– Jeffrey P.
“Dr. Lozman was excellent and helpful from the moment he walked in the room. I thank him very much for being the first doctor to find the source of my injury after seeing three different medical providers.”
– Robyn M.
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“Dr. Lozman listened to my concerns about my pains in both shoulders, as well as possible arthritis in my hips and neck. He recommended treatment on both shoulders for bursitis, and I received that while there. He also recommended four weeks of physical therapy.”
– Anne R.
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“Very professional also compassionate I dread needles.”
– Kevin J.
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