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Average Rating: 5
“I have been treated twice by Dr. Quinn. First for a rotator injury in 1996 and was pleased with the outcome and was happy to discover he was to be the attending doctor for a hand injury in 2015. On both occasions, I was treated professionally and successfully.”
– Edward C.
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“I have been coming to The Bone & Joint Center since the practice was on West Lawrence St. I have seen Dr. Alfred, Dr. Shatynski, Dr. Roberts, Dr. Iqubal, and my wife has seen Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Iqubal and Dr. Roberts We have had nothing but excellent care and treatment. I have had knee, back, and shoulder problems. I have had a full knee replacement and my wife has had a hip replacement. We are both still being treated for knee and back problems and your pain management programs, where an operation is the last resort. Thank you all.”
– Raymond F.
“Last year, I had a few issues with my shoulders. Dr. Zaneros took the time to listen and did fix both shoulders. His personality is wonderful! I like the fact that I can joke around with him.”
– Julieanne D.
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“Dr. Toussaint has been the perfect representation of a caring, effective, and thoroughly professional orthopedic surgeon that I can think exists. Many other doctors I have heard of would do well to copy his treatment and considerations that he has always shown me and the other patients he has had that I know.”
– Richard R.
“Had Dr. Tenuta repair my achilles tendon (he was the Dr. on call the day it happened). I had no idea how qualified he was, but just let him do the repair. It was a great experience, and after it healed, I have had absolutely no pain or limitations. A year later, I injured my shoulder and Dr. Tenuta was the number one pick for me to go to. Dr. Tenuta repaired my shoulder and it was a much longer recovery period. Still experiencing pain and stiffness after a year, I made a follow-up appointment with Dr. Teunta. He said that this could be due to scar tissue and gave me a shot and recommended more therapy. After a few therapy sessions, my shoulder is almost 100% back to normal. I'm very pleased with the care that Dr. Tenuta has given me over the last few years!”
– Gary B.
“Dr. Toussaint is a wonderful doctor. He listens to you and is kind and considerate and totally makes you feel at ease. He also spends some quality time with you and you never feel rushed out.”
– Lana Z.
“Excellent experience! From check-in to check-out, a very professional and time sensitive approach to modern medicine. Dr. Das was very complete with his explanations of the issues affecting my shoulder.”
– Thomas P.
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“Awesome doctors, nurses, and staff. Would highly recommend for anyone needing surgery, clean, professional, and attentive. Had ACL surgery and was home in 3 hours. Awesome!”
– Glenn S.
“Two years ago, I had walked into The Bone & Joint Center with an appointment with Dr. Cheney. I sat down and explained all of my symptoms. He said my symptoms could have been one of two things, so he ordered an MRI. I went back for a follow-up and immediately, he pointed out in my MRI what was was wrong. He really took the time to show me the MRI and thoroughly explain it to me. He recommended surgery, which I opted to do. As I was walking into Albany Medical Center the day of my surgery, I was a little nervous. Once Dr. Cheney walked into the room, I felt a sense of relief. He assured me everything was going to be ok. I felt at ease and not nervous anymore. They also threw in a little humor in the OR room I was being wheeled in, which helped. After a few hours in recovery, I was wheeled up to a room with other patients that had surgery. That night, I was up and walking with very little help from the nurse. Next morning, I was moving around and the physical therapist told me that he didn't need to see me because he was impressed with how I was moving around. Two years later, thanks to Dr. Cheney, I have almost gained back all of the sensation in both my hands and have total movement. He is the best.”
– Ellen G.
“I have had chronic back pain for years and had spinal fusion surgery back in 2011. Although the doctor painted a rosy picture, things do not turn out as well as I had been told. I've done the physical therapy, aquatics, acupuncture, opioid pain meds, and injections. My quality of life has been terrible and even the pain meds do not take away the pain, but make me fuzzy in my thinking and interactions with others. I went to Dr. Iqbal and he looked over the xrays and MRIs. He determined the problem may have been in the sacro area, where none of the others had really tried to treat. He decided that he'd do the injections in that area, along with Dr. Fuchs doing injections in my knees. My knees were done in one day and the following day, Dr. Iqbal did my back. I didn't feel the effects immediately and was even pretty sore, which was to be expected. Over the course of the next week or two, my pain slowly went from a 7-8 down to a normal of 5 on the pain scale. I am thrilled with the results and would recommend The Bone & Joint Center, specifically Drs. Iqbal and Fuchs, to anyone with similar problems. I appreciate the opportunity to have given this response and offer the well deserved kudos to both doctors that have relieved me of my many years of chronic pain.”
– William F.
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