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Average Rating: 5
“I am no spring chicken by any means and my past abuses to my knees had caught up with me. I visited Dr. Alfred, and at first glance, he knew what had to be done. He was direct, concise, and at the same time, very re-assuring. I knew then he was the right doctor. We set up the first operation to scope my right knee, and then when rehab was finished and the knee was stronger, we set about to do the left. Both procedures were done in Albany at The Bone & Joint Center. I was nervous about the unknown, but the anesthesiologist, the nurses, and the whole staff were great. Both times, the show of care and concern was outstanding and very comforting. If I ever need more treatments, I would have absolutely no reservations about using both Dr. Alfred and The Bone & Joint Center.”
– William S.
“Doctor was very attentitive to my problem, and after my exam, he spoke in terms I understood. The experience was good and all the staff was pleasent and very helpful.”
– William S.
“Dr Toussant did a bilateral knee replacement and I am now home with a flex of 122 degrees in my left and 112 in my right knees—120 is the goal. Everything was carefully explained by Dr. Tousant before surgery. All questions were covered so I felt confident going into surgery. I have the highest respect for him and have no hesitation in trusting any medical advice in the future.”
– Virginia P.
“Great!! If I need other surgery in the future, I would pick him.”
– Ruth B.
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“Everything went smoothly and very professional. Thankful I was able to have the procedure done after many years of pain and difficult sleeping. Ican finally sleep on my right side again!”
– Caroline H.
“Dr. Flaherty took excellent care of me. Very thorough. Explained everything.”
– Gail W.
“Talk about divine intervention. I came upon Dr. Das as the oncall ortho surgeon at St. Peter's ER. I have been in his care since January 15. From a reconstructed knee cap to hardware failure causing an earlier-than-planned second surgery, he has made a horrific accident worry-free when it came to superb medical care, a bedside manner from days of old, navigating workers' comp, and a rehabilitation plan to restore full strength and range of motion. As an event planner of 34 years, I wondered if my career was over. Clearly, six months later, the answer to that question is a resounding NO.”
– Heidi L.
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“From the first visit to the last follow-up exam, the doctor and his staff were courteous, thorough, and clear and precise in explaining the details and the procedures. All in all, compared to other similar experiences, this has been the best ever!”
– Philip Z.
“I have been playing sports competitively for over half a century and have had many injuries over the years. The worst hand injury I had occurred in January of 2015 in the form of my ring finger joints on my right hand being crushed by the fellows I was playing with. I have had jammed knuckles before, but never to this extent. After over a year, I finally decided to get it looked at. I first saw Dr. Lozman who took a few x-rays and said that I had broken it and it had healed improperly, so he referred me to another surgeon at The Bone & Joint Center, Dr. David Quinn. I was very pleased when Dr. Quinn reviewed everything with me and concluded that surgery would not be a benefit for me or my finger. He suggested that I try paraffin baths to try and loosen up the middle joint, which was still quite bent. I have been using warm paraffin baths on my finger religiously since and I plan on doing it for a year. I am still able to participate in all of the sports that I enjoy. I believe I have seen an incremental improvement in the finger joint since I started the paraffin baths. I believe that Dr. David Quinn made a good and practical call on my jammed finger situation.”
– Charles D.
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“My experience and interaction with Dr. Hedderman and his staff was exemplary. I found Dr. Hedderman's knowledge and expertise in his field to be beyond approach. All procedures, what to expect regarding surgery and recovery time, explaining these in detail and all questions were answered. Plus, these were explained in layman's terms. The staff were professional, courteous, and friendly making my visits to the doctor easy and stress free. I would highly recommend Dr. Hedderman and The Bone & Joint Center.”
– Jeannie S.


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