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Average Rating: 5
“Everyone was pleasant and efficient at The Bone & Joint Center. Dr. Tenuta is caring and explains fully the diagnosis. I have nothing but 100% satisfaction there!”
– Albert M.
“My husband, Richard (also a patient), and I are VERY pleased. Dr. Shatynski is very thorough, easy to understand, and takes time to listen. We never feel rushed. Also, one thing I particularly like is that he dictates our session in front of us, so I know he heard our issues correctly.   All the staff is pleasant, and appointments are scheduled in a timely manner. Good experience.”
– Carole K.
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“I have had three minor surgeries with Dr. Whipple; carpel tunnel, trigger finger, and shoulder (tendinitis, bursitis, and a rotator cuff tear). I rate my experience for all....5 stars. Not only were my surgeries completely successful with little if any pain afterward, the entire team at The Bone & Joint Center is worthy of praise. There is minimal, I mean minimal, wait time for my scheduled appointments, and the surgical staff is professional and efficient. It just seems everyone knows their job and they are all very good at it! I recommend The Bone & Joint Center to all my friends (who, like myself, are also starting to fall apart)! Dr. Whipple has been wonderful in finding the reasons for my discomfort, as well as alleviating it in the least invasive way possible. Any therapy needed after my surgeries were minimal, if necessary at all. I certainly don't look forward to another visit there, however, I know if I do have any issues, I have the best place to go!”
– Christine D.
“I fell and fractured my right fibula while visiting in Buffalo, NY. Although I had immediate care in Buffalo, I knew I had to get back to Albany for consultation and care. I was able to call The Bone & Joint Center while coming home. My appointment was the next day in Urgent Care. Within the week, I had my surgery, and now I am healing. The surgical experience was excellent and honestly pain free. Everything was explained. I thank Dr. Lisella for being the kind and caring person that he is and for his perfect surgery. I thank Earnie and Kevin and all the nursing staff. If you have to break something, go to The Bone & Joint Center. Unbelievably great care.”
– Sharyn F.
“The people at the front desk were very courteous and pleasant. Waited 5 mins before called in, went to xray first, then saw Dr. Fuchs for my check-up and out the door. It was all done within 45 mins. Dr. Fuchs is a man of few words, but a wonderful surgeon, and he did an awesome surgery on my knee, which I am very grateful for. Going to have my other knee done next year!!!”
– Christine A.
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“Thorough and explained everything well.”
– Christopher S.
“I love Dr. Toussaint. He has a GREAT bedside manner! He also knows how to give it to you also—very truthful doctor. I would recommend him to anyone. Love how he explains things to me especially, and takes the time, and CARES.”
– Dawn M.
“Have been going to the office for many years and am well satisfied with the service I have received from all who I have come in contact with, especially my doctor.”
– Virginia Y.
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“I was born with no hip socket on the right side. When I was 8, a doctor moved some bone to create a hip socket, but the joint basically became fused. The pelvis was tipped, which was affecting the spine, pinching nerves, and causing pain throughout the body. There was no motion in the right hip. This limited employment opportunities, and I developed quite a negative self image from the whole affair. Dr. Fuchs was the only doctor in nearly 5 decades that would even consider my case. Now, 6 years after the bi-lateral hip replacement, I am free from bone pain and am able to walk much better and further than before. My spine is straighter and my self image is much better. Even 6 years after the surgery, I need to concentrate on walking properly after 45 years of getting around with a leg that was partially immobilized. Each of my visits to The Bone & Joint Center have been pleasant. The staff has been friendly and efficient, and of course, I can't thank Dr. Fuchs enough for tackling a challenging situation and having such great success.”
– Roger H.
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“Everything was fine. No complaints at all.”
– Joan M.
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