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Average Rating: 5
“I had an injection. The doctor is great, and the staff is too. They move you along from the start until the finish but do not treat you as a number. Everyone answers all questions and makes sure that you are satisfied before you leave. The Clifton Park office is the best.”
– Richard D.
“He was great very straight with me. I will be getting surgery on my right hand for arthritis.”
– Cynthia M.
“Dr. Whipple spent time explaining the procedure on the day of surgery. Everyone made you feel relaxed and told what they were going to do. Wasn't a long wait to get things started, and the recovery went well. All the staff was accommodating answered all my concerns and questions I asked. over all the whole experience was better than I expected would recommend this team to others.”
– Cynthia R.
“Dr. Schneider was excellent and right to the point.”
– Kate T.
“I have seen Dr. Schneider for the past 20 years for different reasons. The recent visit will always stand out as an example of him being one of the most caring compassionate doctors that I have ever seen. Thank you, Dr. Schneider, for caring for me and helping me with whatever my diagnosis turns out to be.”
– Dawn G.
“I have had the unfortunate experience of caring for my father who suffered from Diabetes, kidney failure, and blindness. My father-in-law who suffered from throat cancer and a tracheotomy, my sister who died from a stroke. My mother-in-law who died from advanced stomach cancer, and my mother who recently passed away from the stage four pancreatic cancer that metastasized into the liver. I have therefore consulted with numerous physicians during the past three years. Dr. Schneider supported my mother and me after she suffered from a broken femur and while I dealt with the incredible frustration with rehabilitation, assisted living, and her return home. He was professional, compassionate, and without a doubt the most successful advocate for my mother and me. My mother passed in January. I will forever be grateful for his guidance and support. The staff at his Catskill office was also incredible. Each professional was extremely caring, knowledgeable, and considerate. My favorite Dr. and office ever. God Bless.”
– Bridget L.
“Great consult, explained simply. My father loves it.”
– Rene P.
“Dr. Mulligan is great. He's performed two trigger finger release surgeries for me in recent years, and he's very knowledgeable, professional, and personable.”
– Dean B.
“Very professional. I felt confident in Dr. Lozman's assessment.”
– Val K.
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“Dr. Robert's is a very caring physician. He took the time to explain to me what was happening. I, unfortunately, had complications following my knee replacement. It was just me, no fault of the surgeon. Dr. Robert's was up front and to the point with me. One time I asked him what he would do if it were him in my position. I took his recommendations. It is now later, and I have no pain or residual effects from the complications!”
– Julieanne D.


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