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Average Rating: 5
“I had previous knee scoped and repaired by Dr. Alley. I had a torn meniscus that he repaired, and at the time, told me I would need at least a partial knee replacement showing me during surgery the exposed bare bone. After some time and pain, he sent me to see Dr. Roberts to evaluate my knee and both agreed I have a partial knee replacement. It has been 2 weeks after surgery and I am walking without pain and so very pleased with the outcome. I still have a ways to go I know that, but already see a huge difference walking pain free without the bone-on-bone feeling, and I could not be happier with the care of these fine surgeons at The Bone & Joint Center. Thank you all so much!”
– Michael D.
“I originally went to Dr. Gerdeman for a second opinion. I ended up having him do my surgery. The surgical center was efficient. The staff competent and friendly. Dr. Gerdeman explained each aspect of the surgery to postop care.”
– Christine B.
“He is a great doctor and really took the time to both listen and explain.”
– Debra M.
“This has been the best experience that my whole family has ever had. The facility was extremely clean. Staff was very knowledgable and professional along with caring for my daughter. They made her feel welcome and were very friendly. They approached her and us with kindness, knowing that we all were scared and nervous about the procedure. They made it comfortable for us to be there. I have told everyone about this experience and if they ever needed anything done that I highly recommended they go here. This staff and facility. A++. Thank you all so much for your time effort, knowledge, and kindness.”
– Katie G.
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“I visited several physicians in various practices before seeing Dr. Shatynski. I was thoroughly impressed by how patient he was in listening to the issues that I'm facing. He took the time to learn about what is hurting me and was caring, kind, and gentle. It was clear that he genuinely cares about his patients and this was refreshing after my past experiences. I highly recommend Dr. Shatynski without reservations and I'm so grateful for his help.”
– Kristine B.
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“Dr. Fuchs provided a second opinion for me. He confirmed what has been done so far and gave me good insight as to why the wait to do more surgery due to a bone density program and what steps I can take to help myself in that regard. I appreciated his input, his personality, and his insight. I also appreciated the staff that guided me on what I needed to do to provide Dr. Fuchs what he needed before our appointment. They represented the business in a way that was noticeable and appreciated.”
– Joan D.
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“Very nice people. Dr. Flaherty is a very good specialist. Fast service, quality work!”
– Ron V.
“Dr. Gerdeman is awesome!”
– Colleen N.
“I fell in my home on and knew immediately that I had significant injury to my ankle. We called Dr. Lozman, a long-time friend, and he sent me to the newly opened urgent care dept, which the practice had just opened the day before!! We walked in and I was immediately checked-in, seen,and  x-rayed. Dr Lozman had Amanda sent him the x-rays. He told her to put me in a boot after explaining the injury to me by phone. We were in and out in 45 minutes!!! Dr. Lozman saw me the next morning to give me a thorough look and to show me the details of my injury and how long I needed to be in the boot, etc. Three weeks later, I went in to a small ankle brace and feel great. Dr. Lozman is the BEST!! There are no words that can capture his caring manner, expertise, and management of the case.”
– Ilene S.
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“Dr. Fuchs has replaced my left and right knees within the last two years. I can finally do things I was unable to do for years. He has given me my life back!! My experiences with The Bone & Joint Center have been positive and VERY professional at all times!!!”
– Dale F.
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