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Average Rating: 5
“Had problems with severe joint pain. Dr. Quinn ordered a thorough panel of blood test. Very satisfied with my visit.”
– Brigitte C.
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“Straight forward and staff is excellent. Knee feeling much better and recommend to anyone who is in need of treatment. Excellent job.”
– Francis S.
“Dr. Whipple is a very knowledgable surgeon. He not only fixed my claw hand, but he explained my condition and the anticipated procedure in layman's terms. Thank you, Dr. Whipple.”
– James H.
“Dr. Bagchi is the greatest! All the people at The Bone & Joint Center have been wonderful!”
– George F.
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“I was very pleased with my doctor. He was polite and caring. He has met all my concerns and trusted my judgement and needs. I continue to need his care and will continue to see him.”
– Suzanne C.
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“Everyone was kind, professional, and efficient. Excellent care.”
– Rebecca G.
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“I came to Dr. Fuchs with bone-on-bone arthritis in both knees, and weighing 400 pounds, I could barely walk and move. He motivated me to first, lose over 100 pounds through diet and exercise, then gave me two new knees and my life back! I can't say enough good about Dr. Fuchs and everyone else on the staff. It is coming up on one year since I had bilateral TKR and I once again am able to enjoy life and do the things that I want to do. I have continued my diet and exercise and have now lost a total of 147 pounds! None of this would have happened had I not met Dr. Fuchs, I owe him getting my life back!”
– Gary L.
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“Just had pain problem in my right foot that Dr. DiPreta did surgery on 2 years ago. After a careful exam, he pinpointed the problem, but had xrays done just to make sure nothing was broken. He had a foot brace put on, and I am now going to PT for 6 weeks, as it is posterior tibular tendonitis. I think he's pretty top notch!”
– Debra A.
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“Fantastic doctor. Great bedside manner.”
– Kelly F.
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“I ruptured the extensor tendons above my left knee, from quads to kneecap. Dr. DiCaprio performed the surgery to reattach the tendons. I have started PT and see daily improvement. Dr. DiCaprio and Brad make an excellent team and I have complete trust in them.”
– Ed M.


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