Persona IQ® The Smart Knee™

At The Bone & Joint Center, we are committed to remaining on the innovative and advanced side of medicine in both technique and technology. In doing so, we proudly offer the world’s first smart knee, Persona IQ Smart Knee Implant, in conjunction with the ROSA® surgical robot by Zimmer Biomet.

Fellowship-trained adult reconstruction surgeon Dr. Alexander Harbin is the first and only surgeon in upstate New York to implant a smart knee and to do so using ROSA. Dr. Harbin expertly performs this procedure for patients who suffer from chronic joint pain to help them receive the care they need to get back on their feet.

Persona Knee implants offer insights and outcome data to give Dr. Harbin more options to match your bone anatomy. Located in the knee implant, the bottom portion contains sensors that capture patients’ information, including:

  • Range of motion
  • Step count
  • Stride length
  • Walking speed & distance

All of this secured data is then automatically provided to Dr. Harbin through a secure online portal so that he can remotely view the data throughout the patient’s recovery. The care team and patient have access to the biometric data and stay connected for follow-up needs through a mobile application called mymobility®.