Surgical Outcomes System™

In order to continue to improve the patient experience and as part of our commitment to providing an uninterrupted continuum of care, our doctors at The Bone & Joint Center utilize the Surgical Outcomes System™ (SOS™). Your surgeon may ask you to participate based on the specific surgery you are having. 

About SOS™

SOS™ is a web-based tool our surgeons use to stay connected to their patients throughout postoperative care to monitor outcomes in between follow-up visits. Using confidential patient-submitted survey information for the ongoing assessment of recovery, SOS™ enables our surgeons to confirm the success of treatment and ensures early notification of any possible complications.  

What to Expect With Enrollment

Once you’ve provided your consent for participation in the SOS™ global registry, you will begin receiving emails from your surgeon that include links to surveys designed to keep you engaged throughout your recovery. Surveys typically take less than 15 minutes and can be completed through any computer, smart device, or tablet. The outcomes documented serve to monitor your pain, function, and overall satisfaction to help us continue to improve our level of care. 

Please fill out the Surgical Outcomes System™ Consent Form and return it in one of the following ways:

  • In-person to a member of our staff at any of our offices
  • Mail to 1367 Washington Avenue, Suite 200, Albany, NY 12206 (attn. Jessica Amyot RN, SOS Coordinator)
  • Fax to (518) 701-2939 (attn. Jessica Amyot RN, SOS Coordinator)
  • Email to

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